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What you need to know when you choose a photographer for your wedding

1. Ask them about their experience: It is important to select a photographer who has the skills and experience necessary to shoot weddings. Don't be shy about asking how many weddings the photographer has shot, as well as what style of photography they specialize in.

2. Review their portfolio/samples: Every photographer has a unique style, so it’s important to review their portfolio to ensure that it matches with your own expectations and vision. Look for samples of previous weddings they have shot, and see which photos you gravitate towards.

3. Set a budget: When deciding on which photographer to select, it’s important to have a set budget in mind. You should know exactly how much you’re willing to shell out in order to ensure that you don’t get overcharged.

4. Opt for a package: You may not need all the additional services a photographer might offer at the time of the wedding, but it

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